North Texas Cities Rank Among Worst In The Nation For Stay, Report Says


If you fancy a vacation, get out of North Texas. At least that’s what a WalletHub study suggests.

Staycation, a portmanteau of “stay” and “vacation,” describes exactly that: staying home for rest and recreation rather than travel.

In the personal finance website’s study of 180 cities, municipalities in North Texas did not rank very well.

Forty-six metrics were used to rank over 180 cities in WalletHub’s “Best and Worst Cities for Travel” in 2021.

Cities were assessed using these metrics, which included number of parks and trails per capita, ability to walk, cost of restaurant meals, basketball hoops per capita, and vaccination rates. local.

Here’s a look at how the northern part of Lone Star State has evolved:

Dallas ranked in the top half of the cities surveyed, but not by much – it ranked No. 72 out of 180 cities.

Plano didn’t do much better, placing 75th. Other suburbs also did poorly: Grand Prairie came in at 162, followed by Arlington and Irving at 164 and 166.

Fort Worth performed better than most of the North Texas suburbs, but much worse than Dallas. It ranked 132 out of 180 cities.

But what caused Cowtown’s ranking to drop? Well, for starters, there aren’t that many swimming pools per capita. It ranked # 91 in this category.

Irving was among the cities surveyed with the fewest tennis courts per capita.

One of the measures slowing Grand Prairie was the low number of spas per capita compared to the other cities in the study.

Garland was ranked as the worst city in Texas to stay – despite its evolving downtown area, 2,880 acres of parkland, a vibrant community theater, and water park, to name a few attractions.

Maybe the study’s authors still associate it with the movie. the land of zombies.

These rankings may disappoint North Texans, who performed better in Wallethub’s 2020 Stay Study.

Last year, Plano was ranked by the company as the best city in the country for vacations, with nearby Grand Prairie ranking a respectable 8th overall.

The full Wallethub report is available online.

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