KC Tenants announces 8 requests for rental assistance


KANSAS CITY, Mo. – KC Tenants on Saturday released eight requests that they say will help write off rent debt and provide solutions to the Kansas City, Missouri rental assistance program.

The group released the claims during a rally at the Manual Technical Center located at 1215 E Truman Road.

“This year I got to see the other side of Rent Assistance, as I worked for Community LINC to help process Rent Assistance applications for other tenants going through what I am going through,” KC Tenants chief Leslie Vaughn said in part in a press release. “There were not enough staff, the number of tenants asking for help was astronomical and workers were drowning in requests.”

In the requests, the group called on the City to collaborate with KC Tenants in outreach efforts so that people have access to the rental assistance program.

They also called for the application process to be streamlined and for the city to be transparent about how rent assistance money is spent. This includes the publication of a weekly report.

KC Tenants also says unspent relief funds should be used to pay off eviction judgments that have already taken place.

He also calls on KCMO to prohibit landlords from discriminating against tenants for evictions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In June, the group proposed a “people’s housing trust fund,” and new requests released on Saturday again call on City Manager Brian Platt to implement the fund.

The group said they have emailed the requests to Platt and asked him to meet with the group within the next two weeks.

KSHB 41 News has contacted the City to comment on the requests from KC tenants.

A spokesperson highlighted the efforts already put in place by the City, in particular an emergency assistance center.

They also said the City had distributed nearly 80% of the first installment of emergency rent assistance to tenants.

The City hopes the assistance center will help distribute the second round of funds.

“We are also urging landlords to help their tenants complete online applications and quickly / easily provide the documents tenants need for the application, rather than evicting people,” the spokesperson said in a statement. E-mail. “The City has a productive working relationship with KC tenants and looks forward to discussing all of the ways we can better serve our communities.

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