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Ahmedabad: A trader in Bhat borrowed Rs 3.5 lakh from two pawn shops and repaid Rs 15 lakh, but was pressured to pay Rs 18 lakh more. Arvind Ode, 33, approached Adalaj police on Friday, unable to endure intimidation from the two pawn shops.
The police filed a complaint under section 386 of the Indian Penal Code (extortion with fear of death or serious injury). Other sections of the IPC were also cited.
In his complaint, Ode said that two years ago he borrowed Rs 3.5 lakh from Rakesh Bharwad and Bharat Bharwad. He said that a 5% interest had been agreed, although the periodicity of the interest was not clear in the complaint. The loan sharks had taken 20 blank checks from Ode, forcing him to sign them. In his complaint, Ode said he has so far reimbursed Rs 15 lakh.
However, he said, the two frequently come to his residence and threaten him with harm unless he pays Rs 18 lakh more. The complainant said that on Thursday he was not at his residence when Rakesh and Bharat passed by and threatened his wife, Veena
Ode said he got a call the evening of the two. As he did not answer the call, the two texted him to let him know they were arriving at his home at 9 p.m. As a result, Ode chose to stay on the outside to dodge threats.


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