Apple is the latest company to offer “buy now, pay later”. 4 Reasons You Should Think Twice Before Signing Up And The Proportion Of Americans Who Think Now Isn’t A Good Time To Buy A Home Just Reached “An All-time High”, Says Fannie Mae


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A woman who was refused a colonoscopy by her doctor has died of colon cancer aged 39, a friend claims in a viral Twitter thread

The conversation highlights the need for early detection of colorectal cancer and the challenges that many women face with the medical system. Read more

“Steal Peter to pay Paul”: Apple is the latest company to offer “buy now, pay later”. 4 reasons why you should think twice before signing up

Apple follows companies like Affirm and Klarna into the BNPL space. But observers advise caution before embarking. Read more

The share of Americans who think it’s a bad time to buy a home just hit “an all-time high”, says Fannie Mae

The percentage of consumers who said now was a good time to buy a home fell to 17% in May, according to a Fannie Mae survey. Read more

$30 million in missing gold bars, a couple on the run from the FBI and a corgi nicknamed “Nugget”: the inside story of a precious metal Ponzi scheme

Ross Hansen and his girlfriend have been found guilty of stealing millions from thousands of elderly investors in an elaborate gold and silver fraud. Read more

Social assistance prevents crime and saves money in the long run: report

A new study of children abandoned on welfare at age 18 suggests many will turn to crime to earn income, costing taxpayers and the economy more. Read more

‘Waiting tables are so hard on your body, and a lot of people don’t appreciate all the work we do’: Americans haven’t tipped more during the pandemic. Are we right to tip less?

Meanwhile, “the client was never questioned or involved in the decision,” a client told Moneyist. Read more

These are the last remaining luxury cars with gear changes

You might be wondering if there is. We did some research and here is what we found. Read more

7 Money Lessons from Experienced Entrepreneurs on the Best Ways Your Small Business Can Spend and Save

Small business owners detail the money lessons they’ve learned over the years and especially during the pandemic. Read more

Some hotels emphasize luxury with more all-inclusive offerings

For some travelers, the opulence and convenience may be worth it. Read more

Americans haven’t felt so gloomy about their finances since the Great Recession: “I walk every day just to get out of my head and try to stay healthy. Otherwise it’s just worrying all the time’

Three gauges of consumer sentiment suggest a shroud of pessimism has settled over people’s economic prospects. Read more


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