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After all, there can be well-founded reasons to be afraid at some point, and it can be hard to envision better days when prevailing attitudes are tinged with pessimism and uncertainty. On the other hand, it clearly did wonders for Buffett. I think there is an exciting opportunity for patient investors to get hungry for StoneCo stocks.

StoneCo is a leading provider of payment processing and other financial technology services in Brazil, but the company’s stock price has been crushed by what could be described as a perfect storm. headwinds. In addition to inflation and political concerns, regulatory changes in the country have weighed on the performance and outlook for the company’s credit business.

The company’s stock price is now down about 64% from its peak earlier this year, and many investors appear to have abandoned the stock. I think it’s probably premature, and I’ll add it to my holdings in the near future.

When it comes to growth stocks, I like to look for companies that are poised to benefit from powerful long-term trends. StoneCo certainly does the trick. Cash is still a more popular form of payment than credit cards and mobile payments in Brazil, but that is starting to change, and StoneCo is helping businesses adapt to this change. E-commerce is also on track for tremendous growth in Brazil and other Latin American markets, and the fintech specialist stands out as an attractive stock “in spades and spades” to take advantage of. the trend.

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